Agriturismo Crè Seren – Martina Farm – Giaglione

At 700 meters, in the municipality of Giaglione, the Farmhouse Crè Seren overlooks the Susa Valley. Here, as in other facilities collaborating with us, the owners demonstrate enthusiasm for their work and for their land in every possible way. This spirit abounds in their attitude and in the food they offer, which is always appropriate for the season. Almost without realizing it, they adhere to the law of modern food culture awareness, which is simply continuing to live and work in this area just as has always been done.
Wine production is the pride and joy of this farm industry. The old vineyards of Avanà and Barbera blend with experimental wine-making using strains of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Traminer. Our proposals also follow the season, this being the critical element of our hosts’ proposals.
We are on the Via Francigena, which in this section winds through vineyards and secular
chestnut trees, a stone’s throw from the incredible frescoes of the 1500’s depicting the Cavalcade of Vices and Virtues of St. Stephen’s Chapel. It would be unthinkable not to attend the Feast of Spadonari, whose origin is lost in the persistence of ancient Celtic cults.

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