Certosa 1515 – Place of rest and reflexion – Avigliana

The Convent of San Francesco, now called Certosa 1515 from the date of its foundation, is half way between Avigliana and the Sacra di San Michele in a suggestive location amidst century old chestnut trees, hidden from the eyes of pilgrams who traveled along the roads of faith. Its simplicity is opposite from the imposing nature of the solemn architecture of the Sacra, symbol of the Piedmont Region. It is almost invisible, but is a perfect balcony overlooking the Avigliana Lakes and the plains of Turin .
Perhaps its appeal lies in this peculiarity. It offers the quiet of desired isolation and a view encompassing infinity, all in a very special environment. The restoration mixes modern convenience with the simplicity of monastic hospitality making it a place of wonderful contradictions. It is now managed by the Gruppo Abele.
Obviously in our proposals we try to foster a sense of contradictions: from cooking done with herbs gathered in the woods, to the dishes that come from land torn from the mafia, all with a remix of food diversity at the core of which is respect for the land and for the people who wish to work it freely.

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