L’Ultima Stisa – Azienda Agricola Isiya – Exilles

Exilles is a town that seems unchanged from the Middle Ages to the present: the narrow streets, the imposing Forte above the houses, the Gothic doorway to the church of San Pietro
Apostolo, the narrow valley above the Dora river. Right in the heart of town we find the restaurant L’Ultima Stisa and the Azienda Agricola Isiya. Both are recent businesses but perfectly in line with the philosophy of our proposals: choice of food related to tradition, use of local produce, exploitation of the highest vines in the Susa Valley, if not in all of Europe – given that they are cultivated at 1400 m altitude.

These are paths from another world, passing between overhanging rocks, connecting exposed terraces torn from vertical mountain walls. This is a landscape as severe as the gray stones of the fort. Do not miss the walk around the fort walls, the grappa distillation festival and walks on the ancient military routes leading to other fortifications, some of which have been restored, whereas others are hidden by undergrowth.

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