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The evolution of eating is an ancient process that led to transformation from the act of eating out of sheer necessity to the pleasure of satisfying the palate with sophisticated research and a combination of foods .
In our society it is becoming necessary to deepen the meaning of food choice:
on the one hand the supply from large distributors where the attraction is a low-cost product, on the other hand the influx of an amazing food culture at the opposite spectrum often far from the reach of a large portion of the population, both economically and due to the length of time required to prepare the dishes.
In our travel proposals in search of food, we felt the need to avoid separating the products from the territory as their combined grouping represents historical preservation, defining the landscape, the revival of a farming network, a renewed pride in belonging to a rural economy that protects the biodiversity of nature as well as promoting anthropological biodiversity through choosing to belong to an active democracy where all people may take a leading role. Even we, the consumers, begin to feel that we are part of the production, aware that we contribute to an economy that isn’t forced to become a luxury item but only one of quality that should be within the reach of everyone.
Our project includes not only the classic tasting, but also a stroll through vineyards,
alpine meadows and plains to find once again the slowness and patience that was required in the production of other times. We see pride in the eyes of the new generation at the ” rediscovery” of a job which is part of a real economy. Our choices must necessarily reflect a seasonal pattern marked by nature.
Obviously, we can not represent all of the products nor all of those who form the basis of a network which has gained momentum such that it can no longer be defined a niche.

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